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hydra\pm\pmiserv\pmiserv_cb.c (): connection to proxy 0 at host hydra\ui\mpich\mpiexec.c (): process manager error waiting for. #!/bin/sh wika-ekb.ru –perhost 1./program_name Данный скрипт обеспечивает запуск программы в режиме: вопрос. Правильный ответ: offload. More information: The hostfile /home/software/hostfiles/hostfile_ just contains one host on which I run the command. So I run a similar command which. TOR BROWSER СПИСОК МОСТОВ HYRDA ВХОД Hydra mpiexec купить легальная марихуана


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In either case - since you are here and interested ; and since I will probably bring this up with SchedMD soon anyway - I might as well start here. We see that performance of the application itself is slightly worse when started with srun compared to mpirun. This was obtained with Intel MPI:. I observed the runs with top and sometimes saw a slurmstepd show up at the top of the CPU usage list.

Not sure yet if this is the reason for our problem, and of course not sure if startup time and runtime performance are connected in any way.. Still looking. Or at least that we find a reason for it. Thank you, we will check on our side.

But I think this is not it. I run on cores, I look at top when I run the tests, and the same cores are busy in both cases. Here are the results I ran a number of times, they seem to be consistent :. We know sth. With srun in this initial state the requested binding seems not to be yet active, and numerous cores with ID above 31 are also busy looks a bit like with -bind-to core. Could it be that some internal MPI data structures end up on wrong numa node? Last moment - we are in a pre-production period, going into production from Monday.

Not going to be so easy to get 8k cores now.. We changed the clocksource to tsc and it resolves the performance issue. This timer is used to manage interrupts and polling in progress and is heavily invoked. Slurm uses cgroups to perform binding, which means they write the group definition in a file and the OS at some point picks it up and updates the kernel scheduler. So I wonder if there is some time difference between the two in terms of when the kernel scheduler actually gets the binding update?

Even if there is, I should expect it to be short - though I agree it could create a race condition on memory allocation location. Thanks a lot! After we changed the clock source I have to re-do most test, although I think the srun problem is still standing. As an update on job startup after changing the clock source, here is a comparison including ucx:.

Still, as you see in the second result, srun lags behind a bit. That is so regardless of whether I use hcoll, or not, openib, or yalla. That one took quite some effort from both Mellanox guys, and us to figure out. What version of Open MPI are you using? Again, the system is down at the moment, so that will have to wait. I managed to run a few more tests, and it turns out that the system clock settings tsc vs hpet cause very real time differences.

Also, srun does seem to perform slower than mpirun. Intel MPI a. OSU barrier performs 1e6 iterations, which is a lot and enough to see the run time difference for various settings. Tests were performed on cores compute nodes of an EDR cluster. As you see, using tsc results in significantly better run time almost 5 better barrier time when using HPCX.

As noted by jladd-mlnx above. The other issue - lower performance with srun remains a mystery. The above was measured for HPCX barrier. I hope I did exactly what I did before. The mystery is why this is not the case About the mystery, in openmpi Total execution time with 1e6 barrier calls and system clock is So there must be something else in play here. Any ideas? This resolved both different startup times, and lower barrier performance. Still not sure what is the core reason of the problem, but at least things work now.

Skip to content. Star New issue. Jump to bottom. Copy link. Dear all, Sorry for the noise, things got a bit clearer now. We probably should provide more clarity on the wiki. The PMIx architecture is based on a client-server method - thus, the data exchange is accomplished by the server.

So there is no PMI server inside the Hydra daemons. Still requires that a PMIx server be present. HTH Ralph. Marcin — You are receiving this because you are subscribed to this thread. Yes, this should work. This is always an issue in PMI-land. Still, it looks to me like this is somehow slurm problem. Would you agree? Might be good to check that you do indeed have that envar pointing to the right lib. All mysteries solved, thanks a lot!

The times are much too long. Reply to this email directly, view it on GitHub, or mute the thread. Maybe I should contact Mellanox guys about this : The timing options look very interesting. Also worth checking: add procs cutoff may not be set by default in that version, which would cause you to pull data for every proc.

As an update on job startup after changing the clock source, here is a comparison including ucx: openib 4. I can do that tomorrow. Thank you very much for all your help! Sign up for free to join this conversation on GitHub. Improve this question. That sort of worked I am getting errors pertaining to communication issues now , but seems a bit dirty!

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